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Maharashtra Police Officers' Mess

Mess Rules

  1. Single suite bookings are for a maximum period of 7 days only for member & non-members. Further extension is given in exceptional circumstances and authorized by Vice President of the MPO. Mess or Addl. DGP. (Administration) MS.
  2. On booking of suites, the reservation is left open for one day only. Thereafter, if the suite/s is not occupied, the booking is cancelled.
  3. Police officers on transfer or long term assignments in Mumbai are permitted single suite booking for a maximum period of 90 days only. Further extension is given only in exceptional and authorized by President / DGP of the MPO Mess, till he/she gets govt. accommodation and will be charged the double than the prescribed charges for the period of stay beyond 90 days.
  4. Police officers on long term assignments and residing in the MPO Mess with their family are liable to be charged for every room that is occupied by their family member. This applies even in cases of room being “vacant” and thus used for residential or other purposes.
  5. Different charges are applicable for members and non-members. Therefore, serious objection shall be taken if bookings are made in the name of members but occupancy / usage is by non-member.
  6. Only the spouse of of members is entitled to the member’s suite charges. Son /daughter & other dependents or other relatives, of members will be required to pay the charges applicable as per rates fixed by the managing committee.
  7. In case of any breakage / damages / losses to any of Mess properties, the resident / hirer is liable to fully reimburse the Mess for the value of the item at the time of purchase.
  8. No intoxicants are permitted to be consumed in the suites.
  9. Cooking is not permitted in the suites.
  10. Personal electric gadgets cannot be used in the rooms.
  11. The Mess shall remain closed on Sunday evenings.
  12. Only DIG and above officers and their families will be entitled for AC Suites and suites will be allotted only after approval of Mess Secretary.
  13. Beyond THE FIRST PRESCIBED PERIOD the stay can be extended only with due permission of DGP (President). If officers is staying continuously for two weeks then Saturday/ Sunday breaks even if officer is not staying, will be treated as continuous stay and charged accordingly.
  14. Only one room / suite at a time will be allowed for members. Additional room will be charged Rs. 400/- per day. if extra room required will be charged as per guest charge.
  15. Break of Saturday / Sunday & break of 2/3 days will not be relaxed.
  16. Ground floor room will be allowed only to members/relatives coming for treatment and student.
  17. All payments to be made in advance during CHECK IN.
  18. All groups booking of rooms will be made with NON REFUNDABLE ADVANCE TO BE DEPOSITED IN CHEQUE/CASH along with the requisition of group booking. The amount will not be refundable even if the rooms are not occupied. The cancellation charges will be deducted as mentioned below.
  19. The room charges will be charged as per rates fixed by the Managing Committee only.
  20. For all these rooms extra charges for matters, towel, & and pillow, pillow cover will be charge as under :
    • Extra matters : Rs. 50/- per day
    • Extra Towel : Rs.10/- per day
    • Pillow & Pillow cover : Rs.15/- Per day
    The bed sheets Towels and pillow covers will be changed after two days.
  21. The Check-in & Check-out will be 1200hrs. only. Extra stay of 6hrs. will not be charged separately, but beyond 6hrs. Full day charges will have to be paid.
  22. Advance intimation for preparing the room should be given to the reception counter 15 minutes before leaving the room.
  23. The Member /Non-Member Police officers should send their request for room reservation by letter or fax message only to the MESS SECRETARY and SPL. INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE (ADMIN) O/O DGP, Maharashtra state, PHQ, Mumbai, on tel/fax no. 22027457. Request sent to Mess Manager , Worli Mess will not be entertained at all. No request for private persons/ relatives will be entertained fir room reservation.
  24. The maximum 25 rooms at a time can be given to the member of MPO Mess for marriage of their own daughter/son room rent will be charged as under :
    • For room Rs.750/- per day
    • For suit Rs.850/- Per day (maximum 5 Suits will be allotted if available )
    Maximum 10 rooms can be booked for marriage of close relatives of Mess Member. The charges for the rooms will be as per guest charges.
  25. Maximum 5 rooms at a time can be booked for (three days only) the guest of members on reference of member along with the name of guests. Maximum 30 rooms can be reserved for the Meetings/Conference/Seminar of Police officers arranged by Police officers of Maharashtra State. Rates will be applicable to members/non members respectively as per occupant.
  26. The wife of deceased Member is entitled to all the benefits of Mess except for the right to reserve the rooms for their guest.
  27. The Temporary Membership to the on-step Dy.S.P. for a period of one year or till they continue to occupy the post of one-step. In case of retirement or getting back to normal grade they will not be entitled to avail this Membership. The applicant of temporary membership will have to pay Rs. 500/- as entrance fees + Rs. 20/- for ID card + Rs. 5000/- + Service Tax @ 15% as Non Refundable Deposit. The Temporary Members/Non Members will not be allowed to sponsor guest.
  28. For all the above bookings a NON REFUNDABLE ADVANCE of ALL THE ROOMS to be taken from the member officer for booking the rooms. The amount will not be refunded even if the rooms are not occupied, the prior cancellation is done as under :
    • In case of group bookings the following charges will be deducted from ADVANCE.
    • Before 3 days of occupancy – 10% Deduction of Total number of rooms booked for One Day charge.
    • Before 2 days of occupancy till the date of occupancy – 25% Deduction of total number of rooms booked for One Day charge.

Dining Rules

  1. All meals, including breakfast are serves in the dining hall only. Room service is provided only for bed tea.
  2. Members or Non-Members Police officer can invite their guest to dine at the Mess if prior intimation is given to the Mess Manager. Members will be required to accompany their guests while they are in the Mess.
  3. All orders for meals may be made at least 6 hours in advance.
  4. Members can avail of the catering facilities of the Mess for their own parties or at homes on paying the prescribed charges.
  5. While dining in the Mess, the proper dress and behavior code will be followed.
  6. Children accompanying Members may be properly advised while in the premises.

For Education Purposes

The Committee decide to start a facility for special provision for the ward of member who stay in Mumbai to pursue studies in while the member is transferred to out-station/deputation. ( Maximum 6 rooms will be allowed for education purpose to members / wards).

  • Rs. 6000/-pm till six month, (With Effect from 1st June, 2017)
  • Rs. 9000/-pm after Six months

For Medical Treatment

  • The committee also considered the rooms being allotted to patients coming for treatment and it was decided that thereafter only members and their children / close relatives and Non-Member Police Officers of other states will be allowed to stay for treatment.
  • Private Person / Guests coming for treatment will not be permitted to stay in the Mess.
  • The rooms on the ground floor will be allotted to patients.

Business Center

The following charges may be recovered from the members, non-members , Police officers of state & Police officers of other states & their guests for use of following facility:

  • Fax : Rs. 10/- per page.
  • Internet & Computer : Rs. 25/- (min charge) and later Rs. 25/- per half hour as per usage.

Furniture & other articles kept in the room should be handled very carefully. Care should be taken to avoid stains of coffee, tea, mehendi, hair dye lotion and boot polish on the bed clothes, towels napkin etc..
Always switch off the fan, lights, T.V., exhaust fan and geyser before leaving the room.

Upper Hall / Front Lawn Rules

  1. A deposit of Rs.5000/- shall be made at the time of booking .This is refundable but is liable to forfeiture the attendant Mess staff certify to non compliance of any of the Mess Rule during the hours of hire.
  2. The venue is not available for marriage /Receptions /Religious ceremonies.
  3. No cooking is permitted in the premises. Service of prepared food is permissible.
  4. No Pandals /Fixed Decorations /Mandap item /barricading are permitted on the premises.
  5. No items are allowed to be pasted ,stuck hanged or in any way attached to the furniture ,fixture or structure of the Mess.
  6. Those hiring the upper hall shall have no access to the open terrace areas on the first floor .The games areas on the first floor is also out of the Mess.
  7. Party guests may use the toilet facilities in the ground and first floor foyers but are prohibited from moving around the other areas of the mess.
  8. Drivers ,servants etc. of the party are not permitted within the premises of Mess.
  9. Non official vehicles are not permitted within the premises of the Mess.
  10. No amplified instruments or band are permissible.
  11. Function shall end 2300 hours positively .Non /compliance of this rule shall lead to forfeiture of the deposited. In the case of a clash of booking of official with privet parties ,even if the official function is decided later it shall have precedence over the former.