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 -- Welcome To Maharashtra Police Department


1.      Maharashtra Police has institutionalized several initiatives with regard to participation of community in the policing          work. With fast pace of urbanization and rapid industrialization, demographic composition of Maharashtra has          changed substantially during the past two decades. However, patterns of policing in rural and urban areas still          remain distinctly different.

2.      Active participation of members of society with police to ensure safety and security is the key theme of community          policing. Unless the members of community are made the stake-holders in the process of maintaining public order          and crime-free society, it would be very difficult for any police outfit to discharge its functions in the desired manner.          With this objective in view, initiatives like Mohalla Ekata Committee and Gram Suraksha Dal have been undertaken in          rural and urban areas. The Gram Suraksha Dals perform patrolling in rural areas during nights and help police to          control property crimes in the area. Mohalla Ekata Committees strive to bring about community amity through          participation of people from various walks of life.

3.      Details about working of Gram Suraksha Dal and Mohalla Ekata Committee are available on the home page.

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