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Registration : Every foreigner entering India on Employment, Business, Student and Research visa is required to register himself with FOREIGNER'S REGIONAL RAGISTRATION OFFICE (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival in India, if his/her visa is valid for more than 180 days. However, foreigners entering on Entry(X) and Business visas, valid for more than 180 days are required to register with the FRRO, if they continuously intend to stay for more than 6 months i.e. 180 days on each visit.)
      Apart from the above, foreigners entering on Tourist, Journalist and any other category of visa which is valid for more than 180 days and do not have a special endorsement of "Each stay 180 days hence no registration required" are required to register with the concerned FRRO, within 14 days of their arrival.
Extensions :Extensions are granted on different categories of visas the requirements of each category are as given below:
TOURIST VISA: This visa is usually granted for the sole objective of sight seeing, recreation, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc. This visa is non-extendable However, only in cases of persons of Indian origin, after submission of relevant documents to the satisfaction of the authority, tourist visa can be extended.
The following documents are required to be submitted while applying for extension
a) Extension form
b) Copies of passport photo page and validity
c) Copy of visa
d) Documents substantiating claim to be of Indian origin
e) Three passport size photographs

Documents to be submitted for registration and extension
f) Prescribed registration and extension forms duly filled in triplicate.
g) Four passport size photographs
h) Resident permit book available at office for Rs 25/-
i) Copies of passport and visa.
j) Terms and conditions of the contract of assignment including salary position.
k) Undertaking in the prescribed format on the letterhead of the company taking responsibilities of the foreigner during his stay in India and to repatriate him at their cost, if situation arose.

Documents to be submitted for registration and extension
a) Prescribed registration and extension forms duly filled.
b) Four passport size photographs
c) Resident permit book available at office
d) Letter from the person or firm with whom doing business, type of business etc.
f) Bank remittance showing that he is a person of assured financial standing
g) copies of passport and visa

Students coming to India to pursue full time regular academic studies in recognized approved educational institutions
a) Bonafide certificate from school college or institute for the academic year.
b) Proper bank remittance i.e. bank statement showing that the applicant can support himself financially during his / her stay in India.
c) Mark sheet or passing certificate for the exams passed in the last academic year.
d) Copies of passport and visa.

Documents required for registration and extension
a) Prescribed registration and extension forms duly filled.Four passport size photographs
b) Documents proving that applicant is of Indian origin i.e. parents or grand parents Indian passport or birth certificate copy.
c) Husbands passport and visa copy showing that he is employed in Mumbai for cases in which wife and children are accompanying him in India.
d) Resident permit book duly filled available at office.
e) Marriage certificate duly solemnized in India in cases of married to Indian nationals.
f ) copies of passport and visa

Documents required for registration and extension
a) Letter from the concerned university giving details about the subject of research and in what field
b) Letter from the concerned nodal ministry HRD ministry granting clearance if seeking extension.
c) Letter from ministry of Home Affairs granting permission.
d) Letter from the professor and guide under whose guidance the research thesis is being done.
e) Bank statements showing financial status.
f ) copies of passport and visasbai

a) Prescribed forms duly filled.
b) Letter indicating the subject of journalism.
c) Four passport size photographs.
d) Copies of passport and visa
e) Resident permit book duly filled available at the office.
f ) Letter from I.B or Ministry of External Affairs,(external publicity Division) (XPR) section granting permission during time of extension

7) RETURN VISA : This facility is only granted to students for returning to their home countries during vacations three times in a academic year and to those foreigners who are on employment and business visas and their cases have been referred to Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi by FRRO Mumbai office for further extension and are under consideration.
Documents required for processing return visa
a) Prescribed form duly filled.
b) Two passport size photograph
c) Copies of passport and resident permit.
d) Copy of return ticket within 90 days of departure.
Return visa is granted for a maximum period of 90 day,s

8) MEDICAL VISA : Persons coming to India for medical treatment are issued with this visa. The documents required are as follows.
a) Letter from concerned hospital where treatment is being taken along with supportive medical documents.
b) Medical X visa for caretakers and relatives accompanying patient.
c) Copy of passport, visas and all medical paprers.

In case of foreigners reporting due to loss of passport for issuing an NOC/Exit permit the following procedure needs to be followed.
a) Emergency Travel document issued by the concerned foreign Mission.
b) Police reporting about the loss/stolen passport i.e. loss certificate or F.I.R.
c) Consulate's letter indicating the particulars of stolen passport and Indian visa.
d) If the foreigner is a registered with any FRRO/FRO then a NOC to that effect from the concerned FRRO/FRO.
e) Confirmed Air Ticket with OK status for returning.
f ) All exit permits are issued subject to Look out Check.
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