महाराष्ट्र राज्य पोलीस

मोहल्ला समिती

"Policing in a fast changing socio-economic environment is a complex task. In a democracy it is an accepted view that policing cannot be accomplished without people′s participation. This is more so in a democracy such as ours with its pulls and pressures due to various religions, castes and the sheer numbers involved. Mohalla Committees (Mohalla Committees) are an integral part of the community policing initiative.

"As the name suggests, Mohalla Committees are formed at the local area level and consist of a cross-section of society. The local Police Station acts as a facilitator for the formation and functioning of the Mohalla Committees. The main task of the Mohalla Committees is to assist the Police in maintenance of law and order and prevention of crime in the area. The Mohalla Committees members act as eyes and ears and pass on relevant information pertaining to communal, social, law & order related issues to the local beat officer with whom they are constantly in touch. Besides this, they play an important role in prevention and management of law and order situations. The Mohalla Committees′s meet at regular intervals throughout the year. They discuss and solve issues relating to local crime and disputes through active involvement of the beat staff. During major festivals, special meetings are convened in order to ensure that peace prevails in the area.

"Special care is taken to nominate suitable and respectable members of the community to the Mohalla Committees. Measures and decisions taken during the meetings are disseminated to the community through its members. Suggestions of the Mohalla Committees members are given due weightage by the Police Station in identifying and implementing crime prevention measures.

"People′s participation and democratic approach of the Mohalla Committee movement has been widely appreciated over the years. Mohalla Committees have proved their usefulness time and time again and have now become an integral part of the Maharastra Police′s community policing initiatives.